The Tarahumara people

The Tarahumara are native Mexicans living in the mountains of Copper Canyon in northwest Mexico near the town of Creel, in the state of Chihuahua. They are famous for their long distance running, running up to 320 kms in one session! This is usually done with the men kicking a wooden ball as they run in competitions, and the women using a stick and hoop. These races are relays and occur over a few hours to a couple of days without a break!

Well I didn’t see them racing but meeting these people and travelling there by the Chihuahua express up through Copper canyon was the highlight for me of travelling in Mexico. I love to interact with different cultures and the Tarahumara are such a lovely, elegant and very shy people. The colour of their cloths and the sweetness of them made photographing them such a joy.

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