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La Bonta, Kyneton

I shot the new restaurant La Bonta which is located in Kyneton, Vic. Tim is cooking up beautiful new style Italian food with great wine. 

Fonterra, Proud to be a Chef 2015

Proud to be a chef time again and the student chefs were wonderful, producing some great looking plates that tasted fantastic too. The three days of shooting were tiring but exhilarating, and always fun. The Fonterra crew put on a very organised event this year again, well done.     

Little Prince

The Little Prince in Traralgon a great offering of food from the Neilson restaurant crew of Head chef Lewis Prince.

Meat Fish Wine

I shot the images for this new restaurant by the Red Spice Road team called Meat Fish Wine. Head chef Malcolm Wright (ex head chef of St Katherine’s and Maha) and his team are serving up great food and wine.

cooking in the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur on the way to the Petronas towers and I glance up an alley way and to my surprise I spotted this and quickly started shooting.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Our first night in Kuala Lumpur we have to eat at a night market, we can’t wait to sample as much of this food as possible. The stalls are just so fantastic, full of the most fabulous fresh looking produce.

freezing lemons

What a great way to have your lemons available all year round by freezing them!  They defrost well albeit a little mushy, but this makes them softer and easier to juice. You can freeze them whole , sliced or really however you want them.  Just put them in the microwave for a short time then […]

Preserved lemons

Lemons are in season and I have friends and family whose trees are bursting this year with fruit. I found out this fact when a friend  said to me the other day that she has lemons on her tree and would I like some? Lemons are one of my favourite fruits, so I obviously said […]