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Hawthorn brewing co

I had a new experience the other day and shot for the first time in a brewery which was really interesting and great a photography subject. Hawthorn brewing co used Blackmans breweries in Torquay to produce a new beer which is coming soon.

Rafaels coffee

Artisan roaster from the Macedon Ranges Rafael, work’s from his shipping container surrounded by beautiful bush lands to make the most aromatic, smooth and exotic blends for us. You can order his coffee on line, just email him at or call his mobile on 0427 135271.   

perks of shooting for Curly Flat vineyard

This week I’m shooting for Curly Flat vineyard, another tricky job with all that reflecting glass, but someone’s gotta do it! In my opinion one of the best chardonnay’s around.   curly flat white wine  

mums coffee set

My mum has been giving me as birthday and christmas presents over the last couple of years her beautiful china and glassware which I’m thrilled about. This particular set is hand painted by Carlton Ware, called Rouge Royale. Its in such good nick with just a few of the white dots fallen off, due to […]

bali drinks

  The Balinese are great at drinks, their cocktails are quiet fantastic. We had a few to taste over our holiday, my personal favourite being the Mojito (just perfect in the heat). We also had our fair share of mocktails and just plain juices, all wonderful. But beware the yellowish Absolut Vodka available at many roadside […]

rock bar in bali

I had the most amazing experience in Bali at the Rock Bar. Situated at the Ayana resort you have a view of the beautiful sunsets of Bali whilst watching crashing waves on the rocks that the bar is built upon. The Mojito was the best I have had and the food delicious. If you ever […]

kopi (coffee) luwak

kopi luwak In Bali and other parts of Indonesia they make coffee out of the beans after they have been eaten and digested by an Indonesian civet (Indonesians call them Luwaks) . The bean stays intact but the berry is eaten, the Balinese collect the animals poo, clean and then can go ahead and process the […]

Rafaels coffee

  onesto beans just roasted   My friend Rafael has a new venture roasting his own beans with a little machine that produces beautiful flavoured coffee beans. Raf has started roasting at his bush home just outside Lancefield in Victoria. It’s such a gorgeous setting surrounded by gum trees and kangaroos, hearing only the birds […]