La Bonta, Kyneton

I shot the new restaurant La Bonta which is located in Kyneton, Vic. Tim is cooking up beautiful new style Italian food with great wine. la bonta restaurant-2020150319 la bonta restaurant-2220150319 la bonta restaurant-6420150319 la bonta restaurant-8120150319 la bonta restaurant-7620150319 la bonta restaurant-10020150319 la bonta restaurant-10920150319 la bonta restaurant-11820150319 la bonta restaurant-13020150319 la bonta restaurant-13420150319 la bonta restaurant-11220150319 la bonta restaurant-15220150319

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Fonterra, Proud to be a Chef 2015

Proud to be a chef time again and the student chefs were wonderful, producing some great looking plates that tasted fantastic too. The three days of shooting were tiring but exhilarating, and always fun. The Fonterra crew put on a very organised event this year again, well done.

ptbac comp day172150225 ptbac comp day166150225 ptbac comp day105150225 ptbac comp day44150225 ptbac comp day20150225 ptbac 630150225 ptbac 2015-021 ptbac 2015-019 ptbac 2015-023  ptbac comp day-022 ptbac comp day-031 ptbac comp day-042 ptbac comp day-047


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Little Prince

The Little Prince in Traralgon a great offering of food from the Neilson restaurant crew of Head chef Lewis Prince.

little prince restaurant food-78 little prince restaurant food-81 little prince restaurant food-68 little prince restaurant food-43 little prince restaurant food-38 little prince restaurant food-57 little prince restaurant food-35 little prince restaurant food-27 little prince restaurant food-17 little prince interior-13 little prince interior-7 little prince interior-5

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Meat Fish Wine

I shot the images for this new restaurant by the Red Spice Road team called Meat Fish Wine. Head chef Malcolm Wright (ex head chef of St Katherine’s and Maha) and his team are serving up great food and wine.

meat fish wine-2 meat fish wine-14 meat fish wine-22-Edit meat fish wine-26 meat fish wine-31 meat fish wine-36 meat fish wine-46 meat fish wine-51 meat fish wine-64 meat fish wine-74 meat fish wine-97 meat fish wine-99 meat fish wine-113 meat fish wine-115

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Paragliding in Bright

What an amazing thing to photograph, the contrasting colours are just spectacular. The paraglides soar like an eagle climbing the thermals to gather as much height as they can so they can fly up to 5 hours.

paragliding-37paragliding-126-Edit paragliding-165-Edit  paragliding-84 paragliding-71paragliding-170  paragliding-105

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Neilsons restaurant

Just did a food shoot  and interior photography for Neilsons in Traralagon, Victoria. Working with Lewis and Jacob was fantastic as you can see by our great results, the “perks of food photography” was very successful for this job as their food is delicious.

neilsons traralgon-131 neilsons traralgon-144 neilsons traralgon-149 neilsons traralgon-155 neilsons traralgon-114 neilsons traralgon-117

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Rafaels coffee

Artisan roaster from the Macedon Ranges Rafael, work’s from his shipping container surrounded by beautiful bush lands to make the most aromatic, smooth and exotic blends for us. You can order his coffee on line, just email him at or call his mobile on 0427 135271.

rafaels coffee-4520140510  rafaels coffee-6820140510 rafaels coffee-7320140510 rafaels coffee-9120140510 rafaels coffee-16820140510 rafaels coffee-19520140510-Edit rafaels coffee-25920140511 rafaels coffee-26920140511

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Burma Lane Restaurant

The new restaurant Burma Lane has just opened 5 days ago in little collins st Melbourne and already doing a roaring trade, the food is amazing and I love the restaurant fit out. Well done everyone for a great place.

burma lane restaurant melbourne-420131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-720131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-2220131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-2320131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-3120131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-4420131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-5520131118 burma lane restaurant melbourne-9120131118

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