G.P.T. Photography Tips. know your equipment

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                                                                KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT

The only possible way for you to get control of your photography is with full knowledge of the following:

  • correct exposure
  • the terms Depth of Field, Sharpness, Noise Control, ISO, RAW vs JPEG
  • how to use speed creatively
  • what is a good Histogram
  • understanding the colour of light
  • your fears and reservations about Manual Mode!

You really need to understand your camera and know everything that it’s dials and buttons do.  This does require reading the ‘dreaded’ manual and putting each of the components of the manual into practice with photographic exercises.

This, of course, takes time and patience which can be difficult to find these days with our busy lives.

But it is only when you have this basic understanding of your equipment that you can begin to explore, experiment, become creative and produce amazing images that you will always cherish.


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