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Musician Nathan Ross

I had the pleasure of shooting Nathan recently playing at the Farmers place in Freshwater Creek. A wonderfully talented artist combined with a great atmosphere and food was just the thing.

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Paragliding in Bright

What an amazing thing to photograph, the contrasting colours are just spectacular. The paraglides soar like an eagle climbing the thermals to gather as much height as they can so they can fly up to 5 hours.

paragliding-37paragliding-126-Edit paragliding-165-Edit  paragliding-84 paragliding-71paragliding-170  paragliding-105

G.P.T. photography tips. the histogram

                                  What is a Histogram and why is it so important?

Lets talk about the Histogram which graphically shows the amount of light in an exposure, the modern day light meter. When you see photographers looking at the back of their cameras after each shot it is usually to look at the Histogram to see if the graph is within the limits of deep shadows to the right and just short of of bright highlights to the left.

All photographers are trying to have “detail” in all aspects of the image, with no areas of “blown out” whites or “blocked up” blacks showing in the images. In the histogram this will appear as spicks at either end in the graph.



So start using the histogram review feature of your digital camera and get in the habit of glancing at it after every shot to achieve a perfect exposure.


G.P.T. Photography Tips. know your equipment

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                                                                KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT

The only possible way for you to get control of your photography is with full knowledge of the following:

  • correct exposure
  • the terms Depth of Field, Sharpness, Noise Control, ISO, RAW vs JPEG
  • how to use speed creatively
  • what is a good Histogram
  • understanding the colour of light
  • your fears and reservations about Manual Mode!

You really need to understand your camera and know everything that it’s dials and buttons do.  This does require reading the ‘dreaded’ manual and putting each of the components of the manual into practice with photographic exercises.

This, of course, takes time and patience which can be difficult to find these days with our busy lives.

But it is only when you have this basic understanding of your equipment that you can begin to explore, experiment, become creative and produce amazing images that you will always cherish.


The Tarahumara people

The Tarahumara are native Mexicans living in the mountains of Copper Canyon in northwest Mexico near the town of Creel, in the state of Chihuahua. They are famous for their long distance running, running up to 320 kms in one session! This is usually done with the men kicking a wooden ball as they run in competitions, and the women using a stick and hoop. These races are relays and occur over a few hours to a couple of days without a break!

Well I didn’t see them racing but meeting these people and travelling there by the Chihuahua express up through Copper canyon was the highlight for me of travelling in Mexico. I love to interact with different cultures and the Tarahumara are such a lovely, elegant and very shy people. The colour of their cloths and the sweetness of them made photographing them such a joy.

creel_20081225_030creel_20081225_026 copper canyon_20081226_004 copper canyon_20081226_002 chihuahua express_20081224_068 chihuahua express_20081224_058 chihuahua express_20081224_056chihuahua express vendor_20081224_080tarahumara musical instrument_20081226_059copper canyon_20081226_080creel xmas celebrations_20081227_014creel xmas celebrations_20081227_020creel xmas celebrations_20081227_026creel xmas celebrations_20081227_030tarahumara child vendortarahumara children


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Hello lovers of travel and photography

GT TRAVEL stamp orangeTravelling and Photography, its a great combination. Do you want to improve your travel photography skills? Do you want to look back at your trips and really be inspired about your travel experiences? Do you have a wonderful camera and have never really understood how to use it outside of a set program? I can make you a better photographer in one of my weekend workshops before you head off on your next trip. I will have you understanding what makes a great photograph with correct exposure, understanding aperture, using great composition, how to get up close and connect with your subjects enhancing your experience of different cultures; among other skills.