La Bonta, Kyneton

I shot the new restaurant La Bonta which is located in Kyneton, Vic. Tim is cooking up beautiful new style Italian food with great wine. la bonta restaurant-2020150319 la bonta restaurant-2220150319 la bonta restaurant-6420150319 la bonta restaurant-8120150319 la bonta restaurant-7620150319 la bonta restaurant-10020150319 la bonta restaurant-10920150319 la bonta restaurant-11820150319 la bonta restaurant-13020150319 la bonta restaurant-13420150319 la bonta restaurant-11220150319 la bonta restaurant-15220150319

Little Prince

The Little Prince in Traralgon a great offering of food from the Neilson restaurant crew of Head chef Lewis Prince.

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Meat Fish Wine

I shot the images for this new restaurant by the Red Spice Road team called Meat Fish Wine. Head chef Malcolm Wright (ex head chef of St Katherine’s and Maha) and his team are serving up great food and wine.

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Neilsons restaurant

Just did a food shoot  and interior photography for Neilsons in Traralagon, Victoria. Working with Lewis and Jacob was fantastic as you can see by our great results, the “perks of food photography” was very successful for this job as their food is delicious.

neilsons traralgon-131 neilsons traralgon-144 neilsons traralgon-149 neilsons traralgon-155 neilsons traralgon-114 neilsons traralgon-117