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balinese chilli crab

Annie has been telling me about a meal of chilli crab she had here in Bali 12 years ago ever since I have known her ( 8 years now ). Her description of chilli dripping down her arms and the flavour is something I’ve been looking forward to ever since. Finally we had chilli crab yesterday and ¬†it was as good if not better than I expected. The crab meat was so sweet and fresh, I think they had just caught it. Enjoy.

annie eating chilli crab

annie eating chilli crabchilli crab

chilli crab

chilli crab

chilli crab demolished

chilli crab demolished


iphone self portrait

iphone self portait

Hi and welcome to my blog, I’m a photographer who wants to share my view of what I love…. ..food, wine, coffee, travel and photography. ¬†Hopefully you will enjoy what I have to show you and I will definitely have fun bringing it all to you…

Cheers Juanita